April 16, 2024

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Ex-ANLCA President Prince Shittu advocates continuity in NIMASA, urges reappointment of Jamoh

Former National President, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Prince Olayiwola Shittu, has advocated for the reappointment of Bashir Jamoh as the Director-General (DG) of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) to ensure stability and sustained progress in the maritime sector.

Jamoh’s tenure ended on Sunday 10th March and he has since handed over to Mr Chudi Offodile, who is the Executive Director, Finance and Administration.

Speaking in an interview with Maritime Today Online, Prince Shittu, emphasized the potential setbacks of appointing an outsider, noting that a new appointee would inevitably undergo a learning curve for the initial six months, potentially hindering the agency’s efficiency.

He urged the government to allow Jamoh to build upon his achievements, utilizing his untapped capabilities and further perfecting his strategies.

His words, ” I’m advocating that Bashir Jamoh be reappointed as DG. Let him continue to improve on what he has done and perfect it since the Minister has used him as a poster boy. Those hidden talents, the ones he has not been able to realize for now, this is the opportunity. Let them give it to him. Majority of the people who want to take over from him now is because of the name NIMASA which they see as a cash cow.

“If a new person is appointed from outside, he will spend the first six months learning and that has always been the reason why the maritime industry is one step forward several steps backward.

“If you don’t put somebody from within the system in charge and eliminate that period of learning or appoint someone for political consideration and patronage then we will continue to be where we are.”

Drawing parallels with successful leaders from within the system, such as Hassan Bello and Adamu Biu at the Shippers’ Council, Shittu argued that Jamoh’s insider perspective played a pivotal role in the successes witnessed at NIMASA.

“The successes so far made by the DG NIMASA, which I can attest to was because he was an insider. Simple. Hassan Bello at Shippers Council too did the same and Adamu Biu. The examples are many. Those are people who are from within the system and became master of their game.

“Look at what is happening in customs. There’s is whirlwind in Customs. Every day something new must happen because the CG is an insider in the service.

“I don’t know some people are fast enough to catch up but I just hope we won’t have the likes of Rotimi Amaechi who spend the whole time doing the talking instead of listening among the so called new heads. Otherwise we’ll have a long shot, ” he said.

Shittu urged the government to avoid abrupt changes and emphasized the importance of continuity and improvement over complete overhauls when transitioning between administrations.

He underscored the significance of appointing technocrats with industry know-how, recommending the inclusion of retired heads from one agency to another as a strategy to enhance efficiency in the maritime industry.

“When government changes hand they don’t usually do a follow up. They want to do their own thing. They want to show that they have their own idea to suspend whatever has been done. Not even to tinker on improvement because in between the ministry there are those jobbers whose job is to whisper into the ears of minister and heads of organizations that this is where the money will be coming from. And they will spend the first early days looking at what they can recoup- their investment as politicians and master the area they need to look into and neglect the job itself.

“The maritime industry is a grade A appointments. In any sphere of maritime, any of the agencies is grade A. So there are people queuing up whose godfathers are going to make them be in charge. But as long as we don’t use the technocrats with the know-how and look inwards and even bring retired heads from one agency to the other, then we will continue to be where we are,” he said.

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