March 23, 2023

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Nigeria joins International Chamber of Shipping as first African member state

President, Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, Andy Isichei

The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping (NCS) has become a full member of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the first African member state to join the board.

NCS was formed in 2002 with the primary objective of ensuring that the domestic shipping industry participates fully in all commercial services in the Nigerian Coastal Waters and beyond.

It has become an umbrella body for the country’s domestic shipping industry including ship owners and operators, port and terminal operators, shipyard and dry dock owners service operators in the oil and gas sector.

“For us at the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping, we recognise the significant position Nigeria holds as a maritime country; consequently, we consider our admission to full membership of ICS, as a call to higher responsibility and commitment to the goals and ideals that ICS represents,” Andy Isichei, President of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping commented.

“As the first African member state on the board of ICS, the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping will embrace this new position with enthusiasm, leveraging on our unique African experience to build a bridge between ICS and African Ship owners and operators with a view to broadening ICS’s geographical sphere of influence.”

Isichei will represent the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping on the ICS Board.

The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping has been an associate member of ICS since 2019.

Last month, ICS named a new Chairman–Designate, choosing Grimaldi Group Managing Director, Emanuele Grimaldi for that position.  He is scheduled to take over the position following a formal election in June 2022.