March 3, 2024

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Onne port is fastest growing port in Nigeria- Bello-Koko

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The Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Mohammed Bello-Koko has said that the Onne Port Complex is the fastest growing port in Nigeria.

Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, on Tuesday, Bello-Koko said the port is now active, not just in terms of importation, but also in exports.

 He said, “Ports of Tin Can, Onne, Calabar are now ISO certified, and because of this we have seen a tremendous increase in cargo traffic in Onne.

“Year to year, in terms of percentage, Onne is the fastest growing port in terms of business and activity in Nigeria currently.

“We are happy to see that a port outside of Lagos is also active. And it is not just active in terms of importation, it is also active in terms of export.”

Bello-Koko said the Onne port handled 11,800 metric tonnes of cargo in the first half of 2022.

He attributed the volume of trade to the ease of doing business at the port.

“Even in our cargo throughput, what I am saying is in terms of percentage increase, half year, Onne has done 11,800 metric tonnes.

“We are seeing that the increase in percentage is high. This is because it is easier to do business there naturally because we have deployed more equipment, more personnel, paid attention to ensure that we make the port more competitive,” he said.

Speaking on export operations at the port, the NPA boss said “there is an export processing terminal within Onne itself”.

“One of the terminal operators created an export processing terminal which we licensed and they have all the equipment, technology and processes to send it out,” he said.

Bello-Koko also said the West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), located in Onne port, spent $100 million on terminal expansion.

He added that the development has aided the flow of business at the terminal.

“One of the terminal operators also expanded their terminals. They have spent about $100 million in terms of terminal expansion, that is West Africa Container Terminal (WACT).

“So, they have created more stacking areas, they are able to cut more cargoes and they don’t have problems actually. They have newer equipment, cranes, RTGs and so on.

“If you are able to send in your cargo and clear it faster in Onne, you are likely to go there.”

Commenting on partnerships, Bello-Koko disclosed that the authority was working with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) to support the federal government’s diversification efforts.

In the technical partnership with the NEPC, he said the NPA had licensed 10 export processing terminals in Lagos and Ogun states “in the first instance with more in the pipeline”.

“These export processing terminals which will be linked with NEPC’s domestic export warehouses (DEWS) in the hinterland, have been programmed to eliminate all the delays that hitherto rendered Nigerian exports uncompetitive in the international marketplace,” he said.




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